Is Google My Business Good For SEO?



Google My Business can be a very powerful SEO tool for your business. It is a free way to get listed in Google search results. Affordable SEO LLC SEO Link Building is also highly adaptable, which means that you can update and change it as needed. Although it requires some knowledge and time, if done right, it can bring instant rewards.


One of the best SEO practices is to optimize the relevance of Google My Business for local search results. This means providing accurate information about your business in your profile. Google will prioritize your results based on your proximity to the searcher, his location, and his intent. The more accurate and detailed the information is, the higher your chance of ranking highly in local search results.

Google My Business allows you to choose your primary category and up to nine secondary categories. You should choose the category that best represents your business and match the location of your competitors. If you are a restaurant or hotel, use the storefront category so that your customers can easily find you in Google Maps. You should also use geo-mentions when creating content.


The two main factors that Google considers when determining which results to display when users search for a product or service are proximity and prominence. Proximity refers to the distance of a business from the location of the searcher.

For example, if you type in "shoe store in Burlington," you won't see any results unless the location of the business is close to the area where the searcher lives. Proximity can be improved by having complete business information. This can help Google understand the business better. Proximity also refers to the distance of the business from the point of origin of the search, and this can be particularly useful for local businesses.

Proximity is also a factor when deciding where to list your business. Some businesses may have multiple locations, while others may not. Adding additional locations to the Google My Business listing is a great way to show up more frequently for searches. Businesses should consider adding satellite locations when it makes business sense. However, marketing should not be the first factor in deciding to list a new location.

Mobile messaging

Google My Business (GMB) messaging lets you send a text message to your prospects. It will also notify them of how long it will take to respond to their message. In addition, you can also share photos through the service. This way, prospects can contact you at any time. It is a great way to answer a customer's question.

The main benefit of GMB messaging is that you can engage with customers in real-time. This is important for boosting SEO. Google is testing a new feature called "Request a quote" that allows you to communicate with prospective customers. You can also use GMB messaging to get in touch with customers directly. Remember, many consumers would prefer to text message over calling a business.

Place names

If you want to improve your SEO, placing names on Google My Business are very important. Google uses these to determine trustworthiness. Make sure your business's name is consistent across your online properties. You should also have the same address information. You can also optimize your website by using geo-mentions.