How to Dispose of Motor Oil


Changing engine oil is one of the important maintenance practices to do for your vehicle. It helps to improve performance as well as extend its life. Therefore, the common question for many is how to dispose of used motor oil along with how frequently you should do it.

Frequently changing used oil from your vehicle will maintain the lifetime of the vehicle. However many people think that it’s better to change the oil once in three months or 3,000 to 5000 miles through checkups with your mechanic. This is an advisable solution by the experts.

As a car owner or mechanic, you should learn how to dispose of old and used oil first. Thus you will save money.

How to Dispose of Oil

Here are the detailed steps for disposing of old motor oil:

While changing oil, put down a tarp or absorbent layer to capture any spills.

Change the old oil and filter in the vehicle, tool or any other equipment you’re servicing.

Avoid contaminating oil with other liquids or substances.

Puncture the dome of the old oil filter and filter the excess oil into your oil pan. 

Don’t just keep the filter out, seal it in a plastic bag with the used oil.

Use the oil for transport using a sealable oil pan, or just pour it into a polyethylene container.

Finally, transport the containers that collect used oil.

Put the old oil into a sealable container

Once you have removed the old oil from the car, collect in a pan. You cannot transport the oil completely using the pan, so you need to transfer it into a sealable container. Keep in mind that before moving the oil, make sure that the oil is cool enough. Hot used oil can burst out the plastic container and lead to spillage. While transferring the oil, place the newspapers or cardboard below the container to avoid spillage to the ground.

Transporting the oil

If you have transferred the oil into a safe container, transport it for recycling . This must be done safely. Ensure the container area is flat to place the used motor oil container. Drive gently, and be sure you keep a close eye on it as you drive.

How to Recycle Used Motor Oil

Recycling is done after you have dropped your used oil at a waste or recycling facility.

The used oil undergoes the refining process to bring it as a newly purchased oil. To ensure this, it undergoes compounding and there are many other processing stages that make it as new oil.

The recycled used oil outperforms the new oil, so many people go for it. After being recycled, it is absolutely safe for use and particularly as a base for other new oil products.

Used motor oil can be tough to handle. It even causes problems when you don’t understand the right way to dispose of it. This blog will help you know more about used motor oil disposal. Hope you may know how to dispose of unused motor oil by yourself.